How to lose weight at home?

It's summer, it's time for swimsuits, mini skirts and hipsters. At this time of year, all women want to be especially attractive. But, unfortunately, not every woman can boast of a perfect, slim figure. And so many women start to ask one question with the onset of the summer months – how to lose weight […]

How to lose weight so as not to harm health?

Many people today in the diet is dominated by harmful products. A lot of our fellow citizens consume large quantities of fatty foods, and also consume large amounts of foods rich in carbohydrates. At the same time physical activity is at a low level. All this leads to obesity. Naturally, this problem has to be […]

10 effective tips on how to lose weight after 40 years

Weight loss after 40 is not an easy task. Especially for women with a drop in hormone levels at this age as a result of the approach of menopause. Meet 10 effective tips on how to lose weight after 40 years. No one said that losing weight is easy. Especially after 40 years, when we […]