Myths about sports

Women are very kind by nature. Fearing negative consequences, we may deny ourselves something obviously beneficial for our body. And sometimes it becomes useful sports activities. But with sports there can be a reverse situation – we decided that starting tomorrow, we will run morning jogs and go in for fitness. However, a week passed, […]

How not to play sports

Regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle have become fashionable in the world. Many people in their pursuit of health and beautiful figure begin to run and do their own physical exercises. However, many do not know the most important rules and forget that you need to prepare for the sport. So, how can you not […]

How to play sports for a beginner

Various sports events are now so popular that people, not sparing themselves, run kilometers off-road or sand, run through hundreds of obstacles, lift unreasonable weights, are not afraid of water, mud and wind. But in order to preserve health, and not to destroy it, you need to do sports properly. How? We will tell in […]