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Successful relationships: 10 tips for women


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Successful relationships: 10 tips for women


Successful relationships: 10 tips for women

If your relationship with a young man ends in nothing, if you have once again quarreled, split up, disappointed, it means that this is not your man, or you are doing something wrong. In this article we will give 10 tips, adhering to which you can build a long and successful relationship.

1. List of merits.

Write down the qualities that you would like to see in a man, and release your thoughts into the Universe! The mere fact that you know what you want is very important. Just try to limit yourself to 10 basic values ​​- the list of 135 points will be too long. Concentrate on the main.

2. Relaxation.

Do not forget about the relaxed and carefree position that you should take when it comes to dating. Have you met a man several times, and after that he disappeared? Instead of tormenting yourself with the question “Why?”, Just accept what happened and move on. Rid yourself of all these torments, worry and be ready for a new adventure.

3. Keep your personality.

You met a great man and … left the usual life in order to be close to him? This is not the best solution for you as well as for new relationships. Stay by yourself, do not give up friends, favorite things and habits – this will keep your balance and make you even more desirable for your partner.

4. Trust your intuition.

Intuition is a gift of the universe. Therefore, we should not ignore the inner feeling, if about the wonderful man whom you recently met, it tells you that something is wrong. Listen to the voice inside and follow your intuition.

5. Accept your partner.

How many women thought they could change something in their partner? And how many men have gone the hard way, in the end, to understand that no one can change anything in another person? And the more so no one will change just due to the fact that you will live together or get married. If you can’t accept a certain character trait or habit of your partner, then it’s time to think: “Is this person right for me?”

6. Be self-sufficient.

Many feel ill at ease because of the thought that they can be left alone, and therefore they rush from one relationship to another. It is not right. First you need to learn to experience happiness and confidence alone with yourself, and only then enter into a relationship.

7. Assume nothing.

You have been dating for several months and have no doubt that you are the only one with your partner. However, many of their bitter experiences know that this is not always the case. Ask your partner about your situation and do not be afraid to tell him about your expectations and doubts.

8. Leave your comfort zone.

Try something new! If your partner wants to go for a walk in the mountains, instead of fear: “Oh, no, he will see me sweaty and dirty”, try to tell yourself: “Why not?” In our development, we all go through what we were afraid of before.

9. Do not stop.

You are 35, and you start to worry about the fact that you have not yet met your ideal man? In the end, you stop on the one who just was "at hand"? In fact, you would be much happier if you were alone, instead of losing time with the person you are not suitable for. Do not stop, work on yourself and the long-awaited meeting will surely come!

10. Draw conclusions from the past.

Take a little time to understand the real reason why your last relationship did not take place. Do this before plunging headlong into the next novel. Is there anything in your behavior that caused you to have difficulty? Do you choose the same type of men that does not quite fit you? Learn to understand yourself what is good for you and what is bad for you, and this will open the way for successful relationships in the future.


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