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How to prohibit night raids on the fridge?


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How to prohibit night raids on the fridge?

Different means are used in the pursuit of ideal weight: adherence to proper nutrition, adherence to new-fashioned diets, adherence to fasting days — all these methods are complicated by one circumstance: with the onset of the evening, you are so incredibly hungry. How to avoid the temptation of night meals?

The problem of an incredible desire to eat at night faced by many women. Evening comes, and all the power of will, needed during the day to keep to a diet, disappears with cosmic speed. But, in fact, hunger drives to the kitchen?

Is stress at fault?

Sometimes the desire to swallow something is not at all connected with the feeling of hunger. He may have other reasons. When we are upset about something, when problems prevail, there is a desire to swallow them, to seize something. When there is a desire to reach out for a tasty morsel, you should stop yourself and think: do you really want to eat? Or maybe it is something else?

Herbal medicine will help

To deceive a rebellious stomach will help a decoction of herbal tea – mint, melissa, chamomile, especially since such teas are good for health. Even in this tea you can add lemon. And you can pour cooled green tea into a bottle and drink it with ice through a straw.

Give the brain work

Hang on the fridge two pictures: yourself slim, and yourself full with the question: “What do I choose? Be slim or stay fat? ”Before you open the refrigerator door, take a look at the photos and read the question out loud! What would you prefer after that?

Boiling water against hunger

If the feeling of hunger never goes away, pour boiling water into a mug and drink in small sips. Until you get bored. If absolutely unbearable, drink a glass of kefir at night.

Aromatherapy and hunger

To suppress hunger, you can use aromatic oils: cinnamon, apple, lavender, rose, mint. Light the lamp and enjoy the scent. Or pour boiling water into a glass and drop a few drops into the water, breathe. The feeling of hunger will disappear.

Encouragement easy dessert

If you have been on a diet all day and have done well, after a light dinner, encourage yourself to a light and tasty dessert: homemade yoghurt and berries, low-calorie cottage cheese with stevia, banana, or apple, and herbal tea will delight the eye and calm the stomach.

Mint Toothpaste

Toothpaste with a taste of mint and eucalyptus can deceive the feeling of hunger. Brush your teeth and go to sleep.


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