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How to get married soon?


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How to get married soon?


How to get married soon?

For a girl, the goal in life is to get married, and for a man to marry. This is embedded in our genes – procreation is our basic instinct. But only girls sometimes do not understand how to get married. It would seem that there is incomprehensible, but for some reason not everything is as smooth as it seems. In order to marry, we need a boyfriend.

Is it logical Is logical. But many girls think pessimistic. In our country, men are critically few, and even the lines from the Soviet song: “… because there are 9 guys for 10 girls according to statistics …” cannot accurately describe the situation. Now the gap has widened even more. But that's not the point. Girls, be confident in their abilities. Your spouse may be walking somewhere nearby, and you just do not want to get up from your seat and pick it up.

Where to meet a good guy?

Understand, there are a lot of lonely men and guys everywhere. Look at yourself, look at others – why are you worse? All these flip-flops can't compare with you, because they want a man for themselves to play and meet a little, and you are thinking about how to get married. Therefore, your feelings will be serious, and the guy will be able to rely on you. but first you need to find it.
Finding a guy is easy. They are everywhere. Look at the cafe, restaurant, gym, walk down the street, etc. But you need to get to know him. For many girls, this seems impossible, they say, the guy must take the first step. If you think so, then sit at home and wait for a miracle, but we need to take drastic measures.

Even if you do not want to show the guy that you want to meet and do not want to directly ask his name, then you need to go to the trick. For example, pretend that something happened to you. Let him come to you and help, and during this time you can already start a conversation and meet. He won't even notice.

You can meet in a cafe. Come there at lunch when there are so many people. and see where the nice guy will sit, sit down with him, explaining that by the lack of space that all the tables are occupied. Otherwise, say that you just do not like to sit alone, so they sat down to him.

Well, in extreme cases, you can meet on the Internet. Specially created for this purpose special forums, applications in social networks and much more. All for you, it remains only to come, choose and write. But dating online has a few drawbacks and disadvantages. Plus – communication on the Internet does not oblige you to anything, and if the guy who you liked at first sight turned out to be not the one you would like to see next to you, then you can immediately stop communicating with him. And a minus – you do not see the person with whom you are talking, all his emotions can be understood only by the brackets after the message. This is bad, because often you may not understand each other due to the fact that he will send you a message with some emotions, and you will read with others.

Well, you met a guy. And how to marry him?

Well, it all depends on you. you need to decide what you want from him – love to the grave or relationship for one month. If love, then you need to report this guy. You should not remind him every day that you are going to spend the rest of your life with him, all the guys are afraid of responsibility. First you need to strengthen your relationship. And after a few months, both of you will understand what to expect from this relationship.

Now you have read this article and think: “yes, what is written here?”. Around the crowd go half-naked whirlpools, who without any problems take possession of any guy. And it is full of just beautiful and lonely girls. Consider the first option first.
It has already been said that these girls only want a short relationship, but you are thinking about how to get married. If the guy also wants to settle down and start a quiet peaceful family life, then he will be looking for you. he does not need the one that will leave him in a month. So here you have an advantage. And on the first date everyone is equal.

And the second. Just beautiful girls. Well, think for yourself, if the guys chose only beautiful, then only the Miss Universe would be married – this is unrealistic. Men choose girls not for beauty. Polls have shown that most men look far beyond beauty when choosing a girl. If a man wants a permanent relationship, he will look at how she talks, how she behaves with other people, even how she cooks, and from the face, as they say, do not drink water. But it is better to still look good, because the first impression about you will be made up of your appearance. As they say, they meet on clothes, and escorted by the mind. That's why you need to first conquer a man by his appearance, and only then show what you are worth.

And in general, you probably wonder what love is. Scientists have found that it is impossible to fall in love with a person through photography and voice. Why? Because love is a smell. You can fall in love for 0.2s. As you know, all people have different fingerprints, different patterns on the retina. So the smell also has its own characteristics for each person. No people with the same smell. The brain of your partner perceives your smell and thus activates certain receptors, which are responsible for love. Many may not believe it, but this is your business, my business is only to tell you the facts.

But before you think about how to get married, you need to decide, and what time to get married?

It all depends on you. earlier, if a girl was given over 16 years old, it was already too long, so she stayed in the girls. Now this age is drawn to about 30 years. So why did it happen and what does it depend on? The fact is that now out of 10 girls of twenty years of age 5 will not be ready for family life. they still want to take a walk. If they marry now, then most likely nothing good will come of it. The fact is that before the girls were prepared to get married and psychologically, by the age of 12 they were ready to get married. Now the need for this has disappeared, so girls do not think that they will have to get married. Therefore, a certain age for marriage is not. The main thing is that you are psychologically tuned to family relationships.

How to get married? Let's summarize what you should do.

1. Be confident. all other women are exactly the same as you.

2. Love does not choose beautiful women, it is available to everyone. Even if you are 150 cm tall and weigh 150 kg, there is a person who loves you the way you are (but I do not advise checking, it’s better to strive for the best).

3. Do not think so: “why should I run after him and change myself in his favor? After all, he is a man, which means I should only wait for me to come. ” Nobody forces you to change your principles. Understand, your chances of getting married were high to 20-25 years, after 25 they start decreasing every year. If you do not conquer your pride, then you can be alone.

4. Get to know the man from all sides. It is better to part with him during the construction of relationships than to divorce. It's no secret that when a man chooses a girl, he potentially tries her on the role of the future wife. This is a reflex. So you need to do it. Before you make serious decisions you need to think carefully about everything. Do not think that this is not good, this is normal. Love will pass in a few years, but you will live with this person for a long time.

5. Work on yourself. Prepare psychologically for marriage, so that later there are no such excuses for a divorce as "they do not agree on the characters." By the way, if you evaluate a man from a practical point of view, then do not hesitate that he will do so. You need to learn to behave like a family, so that a man knows that he will give himself in good hands.

6. Many women have the same mistake. What does a woman want from a man? To be tall, smart, rich, etc. What does a woman offer a man? Yourself !!! The most pitiful answer. If you already require something from a man, then get ready to change yourself. Think about what he may want and try to change for the better. By the way, when you think about it, you should not assume that all desires of men rest on their pants. Far from it. Watch what he likes about women. Look at the girls with whom he likes to communicate and what qualities they have. Those. You need to do a “competition analysis.”

7. Take the initiative in your hands and lead your man to the registrar. Then it will be a good judge.

Well, that seems to be all. And before you get married, think about whether you need it? if you are not ready for family life and want to get married just to try what it is – marriage. In this case, it is better not to even begin – break your heart to yourself and your husband. But in general it remains for you only to advise a happy life. May you live happily ever after.


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