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How to find the perfect man?


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How to find the perfect man?


How to find the perfect man?

Many girls and women are still looking for the perfect partner or second half. For each, this concept is purely individual, and the choice of partner is made solely on the basis of its own internal values ​​and beliefs. But still, there are common and similar laws for all people, and they should be remembered when choosing a life partner.

What is his ideal partner?

First of all, the ideal partner is a person who maximally complements our own. Only with such a person can you build a long and successful relationship. There is an opinion that opposites can also converge. Such relationships, if both partners are strong personalities, will be bright and memorable, but no more. In the end, especially if both partners do not seek to adapt to each other, such relations are doomed, and parting and, at best, friendship will be the logical outcome.

Should I start such a relationship? At a certain stage of life, yes. Relationships with a partner that is fundamentally different in character and lifestyle, help to look at themselves from the side and can give impetus to self-development and work on themselves. In addition, such relationships are reminiscent of an exciting game and can bring a lot of positive emotions.

But most people in the long term prefer predictable relationships and strive to find the ideal partner who will be close in character and lifestyle. The theory that long-term harmonious relationships can only be maintained with a person who has a similar world view has been confirmed in many serious psychological studies.

But what about the wonderful tales of beauty and the monster, or Cinderella and the prince, you ask? That's why they are fairy tales so that a person always has a beautiful dream, even if it is unrealizable.

In life, everything happens quite differently. Just give a few examples.

You are a young, intelligent, educated, purposeful, self-confident girl, setting far-reaching goals. Would you be interested in the plumber Serezha, even if he has a sparkling sense of humor, he is beautiful and becomes the soul of any company? Perhaps, up to certain limits, yes. But will you build long-term relationships with him and be considered as an ideal partner? Most likely no.

Let's give one more example. You are a young man, developing his business or building a career, besides leading an active lifestyle. Is the ideal partner for you a hairdresser Luda, even if she is stunningly beautiful, but her whole life consists of work, TV shows and classmates? The answer to this question is easy to guess.

In no case do I want to say that long-term relationships between people, worldview and lifestyle, which are quite different, are impossible in principle. In life, everything happens. But it is always worth to distinguish between love, love, desire and long-term relationships. The latter should be built solely consciously and in the question of how to find the ideal partner to rely on chance will not in any case.

Before looking for an answer to the question of how to find the ideal partner, it is far from superfluous to ask yourself one more question. Is the desire to find the perfect partner important for you and what are you able to do in order to accomplish it? After all, most people are accustomed to live in their comfort zone and are not at all eager to leave it. The desire to find an ideal partner is very often no more than a dream, and for many it belongs to the category of things that need to be done in principle, but when it is not known.

The main principle of how to find the perfect partner

The ideal man or woman should look only for peers or a little higher. Moreover, this equality should be manifested in everything: the mind, education, lifestyle, life values, and so on. Only in this case, you can build a long-term harmonious relationship and find a soul mate. Otherwise, you will expect or disappointment or life with a constant feeling of insecurity.


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