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How to bring the body into shape. Summer recipes and tips


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How to bring the body into shape. Summer recipes and tips

With age, the body increasingly feels the transition between seasons and reacts to a change in diet more and more. Therefore, in the winter we are gaining extra weight, and in summer we are fully aware of the problem with extra pounds. Then the active sport begins, heavy diets and rejection of everything in the diet (with the exception of water). But it is not strange, even after this, the body does not try to lose weight quickly, but rather accumulates excess fat in problem areas. Why is this happening and how to deal with it? The answers are here.

You can not lose weight dramatically, because the body begins to gain excess weight, it is associated with stress and a sharp change in diet, which is why no drying, diet and fasting do not give quick results, but rather lead to problems with internal organs and the digestive system. But if you approach the matter wisely and start losing weight properly without the body's shocking methods and harmful chemicals, you can get a very good result.

First, the rejection of the sweet and flour. But not immediately, but gradually, ideally, you just need to replace the sweets with fresh fruit, and the flour – with nuts and cottage cheese. Including these components in the mode is also not necessary immediately. This is the main secret of the correct diet, because the body must first get used to food and only then will this start a positive action and see a high-quality result.

Secondly, the use of fluid in such an amount to completely fill the daily rate and the need of the body. Very often, people do not distinguish between sensations of hunger and thirst, and then problems with overeating and poor metabolism begin. In practice, it is quite easy and simple to avoid; you need to drink a glass of water before each meal (you can make lemonade with ginger yourself, but the dose of the latter should be very small so as not to harm the intestines and not get gastritis). After that, the feeling of hunger is noticeably reduced and the body digests food faster due to the liquid, moreover, along with moisture, nutrients are absorbed very quickly and this is also good for the body, because fat does not accumulate.

Thirdly, the right rest and rejection of stress. It is hard, because in the modern rhythm it is simply unreal to have time for everything, but you really want to and no one thinks about the importance of rest. But for those who want to lose weight quickly, the regime of rest and normal sleep should be thoughtful and complete, because the body is already exhausted, so why annoy it even more and knock it out. In order to secure such a vacation, you need to keep a business diary, register your affairs and thus free up extra time for rest and recuperation. This is a very useful and really effective practice.

The fourth factor affecting rapid weight loss is the mode of eating. You need to eat food at a specific time and then the body will get used to the rapid processing of nutrients and will begin to give energy at a time when it is most needed. You can not eat three hours before bedtime and drink sugary drinks, because raising the level of sugar in the blood does not lead to rapid weight loss, and even much the opposite.

And the last, movement and sports. Physical activity allows not only to strain the muscles, but also to burn extra calories, and this significantly affects the appearance. In addition, the load improves metabolism and makes the skin noticeably younger and smoother. Therefore, its training program and movement will be simply indispensable helpers in terms of quickly bringing the body back to normal and obtaining the desired result in a short period of time.

Today to be beautiful, healthy and thinner is very fashionable and every person deserves it. You just need to find time for yourself and start to deal with the real problems of your body, and not exhaust yourself with unnecessary diets and expensive means for losing weight …

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