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Gluten free diet – what is it?


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Gluten free diet - what is it?

In order to figure out what a gluten-free diet is, you first need to understand what gluten is. So, gluten is a complex protein, it is also called gluten. It is called gluten because it is pure gluten gray, absolutely tasteless and sticky. In addition, the gluing properties of "gluing" gluten – it collects other proteins in the human body and combines them for better absorption.

Gluten free in unmodified form is found in foods such as barley, wheat, and oats. But there is also artificial gluten, created with the help of special laboratories. Such gluten is called modified food starch. An artificial type of complex protein can be found almost anywhere – in sauces, ketchup, fresh pastries, crispy hamburger buns … In general, almost all fast foods contain gluten.

Even aerial yogurts contain this protein. The most tender of them in general would not have turned out so without the use of modified food starch. But is he safe, this gluten? Let's see.

There are many people in the world who suffer from celiac disease. Celiac disease is the rejection of gluten by the body in a pure or modified form, that is, gluten is recognized by the body as a foreign substance and is rejected and destroyed. In another way, this disease is called gluten enteropathy. The disease manifests itself with pains in the epigastric region, a sharp rise in appetite, and then a sharp decrease in it. Vomiting, pain in the joints and bones, and frequent mood changes may also occur. In children with this disease, along with these signs, there is a general lag in development – children do not gain weight and do not grow. According to a study, ciliakia suffers more than 1% of the world's population. And this, you see, is not enough!

As for the population not subject to celiac enteropathy, medical workers and nutritionists can not come to a common opinion – is gluten safe for them. On the one hand, without gluten, the body cannot properly absorb such vitamins as B and D, as well as magnesium and iron. But on the other hand, gluten has not yet been fully studied in a modified form.

The only thing in which both physicians and nutritionists agree that gluten is not dangerous in itself, but some products that contain it are dangerous. Everyone knows that from baking fattening, and from fresh baking – even more gaining weight. Fast food is harmful and dangerous to health. But all this knowledge does not make people more selective in the diet – everyone continues to eat pastries and run into fast foods, because it is not only convenient, but also very tasty.

The gluten-free diet gives you proper nutrition, eliminates fast foods, makes a balanced selection of products, puts your health in the first place. Very often, when choosing foods, you look at the wrapper, and a gluten-free diet leads you to buy food based on its composition and quality, not external data. By the way, to study the composition is very important. After all, sometimes in products that do not have gluten, it is simply replaced by even more harmful additives. For example, put more sugar or increase the amount of fat. Therefore, you need to study the composition carefully!

But all this we have already passed. Healthy food, the study of labels, the choice of the "right" products … What then is a gluten-free diet different from a simple healthy lifestyle? Actually, few. You just need to remember that this diet is not low-calorie, but medical. It makes you more slender, beautiful and, most importantly, healthy. By the way, it is worth noting that on this diet, many celebrities "sit"!

Here is a sample menu for those who want to try a gluten-free diet:

Breakfast should consist of a small amount of low-fat cottage cheese, buckwheat or corn porridge, boiled in water and a few loaves of bread. Bread can be eaten with honey or jam.

Dinner on a diet includes lettuce leaves, which need to be seasoned with butter, preferably olive. Perfect soup and mashed potatoes, made from broccoli, and fish baked in the oven.

For dinner, you can cook vegetables and pancakes stewed over low heat. Only pancakes need to be prepared necessarily on buckwheat flour.

From liquids it is allowed to drink non-carbonated water, green tea and natural juices. And it is desirable to drink a lot. But from the caffeinated drinks you better give up.

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