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Fruit diet: advantages and disadvantages


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Fruit Diet

There is no more effective diet than fruit. Naturally, weight loss is based on the use of large quantities of fresh fruit in your diet. In comparison, such a diet is more effective than the yard of others. After all, the result of this method of losing weight is visible almost immediately.


Fruits have many beneficial properties. For example, the most important of them is fiber content, which affects the gastrointestinal tract, which is also not unimportant. In general, after this diet, the body begins to feel positive, the feeling of hunger disappears.


The course of the presented diet consists of 7 days of unloading. This time interval is the most optimal, although such diets may be different in duration.


Fiber contained in fruits is very useful for the body, but it is not the only thing necessary for its normal functioning. Therefore, this diet for 7 days includes protein foods, for example, dietary meat and sour cream.

During the diet you need to eat more often, but at the same time in small portions. Extra snacks should include fruits, not buns and sandwiches. In order to make it easier to control yourself, you can place vases of fruit throughout the house so that useful delicacies are always at hand.

In the diet of fruit diet should not be bananas and grapes (they contain many calories).



In the morning you can cook a small portion of 300g of berry salad. strawberries interspersed with cherries (sweet cherry is also allowed). In the alternative to this salad, you can cook another – from peaches, apples and pears with the addition of lemon juice (fresh). Also at breakfast you can eat yogurt, a bit of sugar with a toast. As for drinks, preference should be given to fresh fruit juice, tea is also allowed (only without sugar).


This is the main meal. It is acceptable to eat vegetables (they should be steamed without fat) or lean meat (for example, rabbit, veal, turkey, but not more than 200 grams). Meat can be alternated with fish (both are steamed or boiled), but the serving size should remain the same. For dessert, fruit salad and a glass of juice.

High tea

1 carrot and 1 apple to grate on a fine grater and add to the resulting mass of 1 teaspoon. sour cream.


It should be easy, so preference is given to fruit salad with the addition of kefir or yogurt with low fat. It may include pineapple and mango, or an apple and pear (optional).

Fruit slimming method is designed to cleanse the body, so during this period you need to drink as much liquid as possible (up to 2 liters per day). It can be fruit juice or plain water.

Completion of the diet:

After 7 days to return to the usual diet should be gradually, so as not to injure the stomach and intestines. Preservation of the result obtained during the diet period depends to a greater extent on the subsequent lifestyle. Maintain the necessary weight constantly. Sports, healthy eating and the absence of bad habits will make the figure slimmer and your mood better.


Fiber contained in fruits cleans the intestines and helps to improve digestion. Within seven days of the fruit diet you can lose up to 7 extra pounds.


During the course of this course, the body can lose the necessary amino acids, proteins and other trace elements that are not found in fruits. In order to avoid negative effects on health, it is recommended to adhere to this diet no more than 1 time per month.

Feedback and results:

A good balanced diet for weight loss, pleasant and useful, but for those who can suffer a little without meat.


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