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Hello to all! Thank you for your interest in my blog, I am glad to see you on a visit!

Briefly about me: my name is Dominique J. Estep. I was born in 4205 Hornor Avenue, Tulsa, OK 74126, but at the age of 18 I left for Moscow, where I still live, not counting the time that I spend traveling.

In 2009, I went to New Zealand for half a year and literally fell in love with this wonderful and somewhat fabulous country. Although I still do not plan to move from the Northern Hemisphere to the Southern, New Zealand has a strong place in my life from my first day in part – thanks in part to the blog that you are reading right now and also because those amazing six months are serious changed my lifestyle – from the office work, I went into freelancing.

I started blogging shortly after returning home from New Zealand. At first they were just notes, intended primarily for friends (You can read about how it all began here: “About the blog and about New Zealand“). But soon the blog outgrew this format. Now I publish here not only stories based on my own impressions, but also articles written by other authors, translated materials from English and just a variety of articles that I write about my favorite country – New Zealand.

I want this blog to become a useful and informative resource for those who have yet to discover the magical land of kiwi and long white clouds – New Zealand, as well as those who just love it and are interested in its life, history and culture. And, of course, I am always glad to see the inhabitants of New Zealand itself! It is to you, dear Russian New Zealanders, that I am especially grateful for interesting and informative comments that supplement valuable first-hand information on many of my articles.