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9 mistakes on the way to harmony


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9 mistakes on the way to harmony

Almost every newcomer hitting the sport, becomes a hostage to any misconceptions. It is prejudice that becomes an insurmountable obstacle to harmony.

1. Warm up is canceled!

Not enough time for training? Called a loved one and said that after 5 minutes waiting for you at the entrance? An excellent reason to eliminate warm-up or “forget” to perform stretching at the end of the session. But pain in the muscles and injuries can be avoided if you do not neglect these five minutes. Walking along the track, riding a stationary bike will warm up the muscles and prepare their joints for exercise. A stretch hitch normalizes breathing, greatly improving flexibility.

2. Longer = better.

The time spent in the gym, not the main criterion of quality. For some reason, many have the standard opinion that if you spend less than an hour on fitness, time is wasted. But the coaches say it all depends on the load. For example, intensive training can exhaust a beginner in half an hour and then another week will respond with pain in the muscles.

3. You only need to deal with problem areas.

Most often, this mistake is made by women: they don’t like it, the hips are too bulky, then the stomach, as a result, all the workouts of the ladies start building around the disturbing zones. As a rule, such women absolutely do not pay attention to other parts of the body, for example, sloping shoulders or flabby arms. Therefore, it is recommended to start with exercises in which all muscles will be strengthened – backs, abdominals, arms, legs, chest. When they are tightened, you can pay more attention to the individual problem areas.

4. The best coach – I myself!

Modern ladies believe that they know best of all which gym and what they need to do. They independently make a training plan, and then complain that there is no sense in practicing. To achieve the desired, ask a professional to draw up a lesson plan for you. The coach will advise on the technique of exercise, the load and also talk about nutrition.

5. Trips to fitness will return slimness.

In the difficult task of reducing weight you should not rely on sports activities. Even if now, thanks to the training, extra kilograms began to go away, a moment will come when the arrow on the scale will freeze. The thing is that without changing the principles of nutrition to achieve the perfect lines is impossible. Only classes, an additional balanced diet, allows you to gain a beautiful, sexy body. So do not forget about diet.

6. To lose weight, you need to do only on cardiovascular machines.

Yes, ellipsoids, treadmills, exercise bikes, steppers help get rid of fat. But do not forget about strength training. After exercising with the burdening, the muscles come to tone and tighten the figure like a corset. In addition, the muscles contribute to weight loss: even during rest, they consume energy, which means that excess fat will be spent on “food”

7. Before exercise is impossible.

Having learned this rule firmly, the ladies come to the fitness room after working with an absolutely empty stomach and almost faint during a workout. Of course, you should not have a good dinner 15 minutes before class, but make sure that 1.5-2-2 hours complex stomach carbohydrates such as macaroni, grain bread, baked potatoes hit the stomach. Just don’t supplement them with meat or fish – it takes 3-4 hours for the body to digest proteins, so it’s hard to train with it. If you did not eat on time, recharge yourself with fast carbohydrates: drink a glass of juice, eat a banana.

8. During classes you can not drink.

Despite the fact that everywhere they write about the necessity of observing the drinking regime during training, women sometimes forget about water. But after dehydration, the effectiveness of classes decreases. The feeling of thirst appears only when the body is severely dehydrated: intense exercise suppresses the sensitivity of the receptors. Therefore, do not wait until your throat is dry, drink a glass of mineral water 20-30 minutes before a workout, and during classes replenish your body every 15-20 minutes. Just take small sips: after large ones it will be difficult to move.

9. You can breathe as it turns out.

During training, newcomers sometimes forget to follow their breathing: they delay it or, especially while running, they start breathing intermittently, getting lost. Therefore, on the first pairs on cardiovascular machines expose the load at which it is easy to follow the breaths and exhalations. Try to breathe through your nose. If it is difficult – inhale through the nose, and exhale through the mouth. To control, you can even softly hum a song: they began to stray – reduce the load. When performing strength exercises, follow the rule of “exhale with effort”, for example, shaking the press, tear off the shoulders from the mat — exhale, returning to the starting position — inhale.


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